Product Description

Organic acids and salts pro-mote performance and health in animal production.

To lower the pH in feed and the stomach of poultry and swine, producing an anti-bacterial and growth promoting effect. The greatest response to acidification has been recorded in piglets, especially during the weaning period, were the re-duction of stomach Ph is the key for a healthy weaner pig. However, in poul-try is very useful due to its antimicrobial action, to protect against Salmonella.

Active ingredients

Combination of Phosphoric acid, Amminium propionate, Formic acid, and Propionic acid. Mineral carrier. Total acid : 43.0 %

Handling and Mixing

ACIX is a high quality free-flowing product, enabling fast and homoge-nous blending in the feed.

Thanks to the protective matrix and special manufacturing process, ACIX is non corrosive and ensure safe and easy handling in an indus-trial production environment.


ORAL. To be mixed with the feed of poultry or swine. Apply at a rate of 1 – 3 kg/Ton of feed. Compatible with all ingredients of animal feed.


25 Kg aluminum bag 24 month shelf life