Product Description

Multifunctional Acidifier

Water is one of the main nutrients for animals. More than 50% of the sanitary problems are due to poor water quality.
This percentage goes higher depending the area and conditions of the farm.

Many times is not considered as the source of poor performance or disease outbreaks.

Chemical action

Reduces pH value in water, stomach and intestine.

Microbicidal action

Significantly reduced the number of intestinal pathogenic bacteria (Clostridium, Salmonella, Colis, etc) and promotes the beneficial bacteria ( Lactobacillus).
This is due to the combination of the pH effect and the controlled dissociation of the organi acid molecules inside the
pathogen bacteria cell.

Physiological action

Promotes gastric acid secretion and lower pH in the gastrointestinal tract environment, enhancing the enzymatic activity of protease, lipase and amylase .

Indications & Results

  • Antibacterial and Growth promoter
  • Water sanitizer
  • Improves production parameters such as Average Daily Gain and Feed and Conversion Rate.
  • Dryer feces and litter and less insects.


Formic acid, Lactic acid , Phosphoric acid, Lignosulfonic acid and Propionic acid,

Plant extracts (yucca schidigera, carvacrol, thymol and cynamaldehyde) ,

Wetting agents and stabilizers on a liquid carrier.



AquaMaster inclusion rate to reach the best efficiency is mainly a function of water hard-ness and pH of the available water.
For low pH and low hardness, apply 1 ml/ litre of drinking water.
For high pH and high hardness, apply up to 4 ml/litre of drinking water.

Water pipe sanitation: in order to remove completely the bio-film and tartar from the pipes, prepare a 5% AquaMaster solution during 4 hours and then flush through all the nozzles where bio-film sludge could have accumulate.

Product handling and safety

AQUAMASTER is safe to use. Thanks to the protective matrix and special manufacturing process, AQUAMASTER is non corrosive and ensure safe and easy handling in an industrial production environment.


1 , 5, 25 and 220 lts.