Product Description

Calcium supplement for cats and dogs


Each tablet contains: Calcium Carbonate, Malic Acid (E-296), Flavored Excipient q.s. 500 mg.


The components of Natural Companion Calcitabs help to provide an adequate supply of calcium, an essential mineral with various functions in the organism, during especial periods such as pregnancy, growth and lactation. contains several minerals and trace minerals that are missing from the average diet – trace and macro-minerals found in the body in similar proportions to the ones found naturally balanced in the body.

The main difference in components of this formulation is the high availability Calcium used , from coral origin. Coral is allegedly the easiest to assimilate, if used in conjunction with all other appropriate factors.  Calcium can be very difficult to assimilate. Minerals have complex interactions with each other. They can both interfere with each other, and sometimes need to be in certain balances

Malic Acid to help the calcium be absorbed into the blood and prevents calcium clumping, which can cause gas and constipation.

Indications and target species

Dogs and cats. Calcitabs is indicated for:

  • Calcium supplement during growth, specially in large, giant and fast growing breeds.
  • During pregnancy and lactation, when the requirements of the mineral are increased.
  • Calcium supply to keep bone structure and guarantee optimum dentition.

Administration and dosage

Calcitabs tablets are readily accepted by the animals. Administer directly to the animal or crumble and mix with the food for easier administration. It is recommended to use for a period of up to 2 months.

Dogs and Cats: 1-2 tablets/10 kg b.w./day


Due to its composition of natural and recognized as safe ingredients there is no risk of intoxication due to overdose.


Keep in cool and dry place, protected from light.


(4502) boxes with 45 chewable tablets in blister.
Reg. N˚ 25492-CAT

Keep out of reach of children.

Developed by veterinarians, your companion animal will enjoy a healthy and natural life.
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