Product Description

For the treatment of feed and raw material susceptible of contamination by mould and bacteria.

  • Improves nutritional value of the feed.
  • Reduces Mycotoxin formation, due to its effective control of mycotoxin producing fungi such as Aspergillus and Fusarium

Active ingredients

Propionic acid and ammonium propio-nate, Calcium propionate and Citric acid 35%.

With the addition of specific essential oils to boost the effect of the acids over the fungi.


To be mixed with the feed .

Materials with < 15% moisture: 500 g / Ton Material with moisture between 15% and 17% : 1000-1500 g/Ton

Compatible with other ingredients used in animal feed.

Mixing feature

Contains surfactants for better disper-sion and spreading of active ingredients over the grains.


25 KG aluminum bag 24 month shelf