Product Description

Energy supplement for newborns. Oral Solution.

It is a energy supplement and metabolic en-hancer.

Provides a safe start in day old chicks, calves and piglets during the start-up period.


To improve the livability, homogeneity and re-ducing mortality in newborns.

Helps to overcome situations of anorexia, weakness, heat stress and recovery from dis-eases

TARGET SPECIES: Day Old Chicks, newborn piglets and calves.

Mode of action

  • Provides highly digestive energy, releasing a continuous 11.000 kcal/kg without undesirable peaks.
  • Villi growth.
  • Reparation of injuries in mucosa.
  • Antibacterial activity, inhibiting the growth of Escherichia Coli, Salmonellas and Clostridium.
  • Vitamina B6 -Piridoxine releases glucogen from muscle and liver.
  • Carnitine, a key molecule in energy metabolism.

Mode of Use

ORAL. In DAY OLD CHICKS, from arrival until 48 hours after arrival: mix 2 ml / 1 litre of drinking water. After 48 hs to 1 week: mix 1 ml / 1 litre of drinking water.

Piglets: Oral Route, directly into the mouth. 2 ml/day. Repeat every 12 hours if neces-sary.

Calves: Oral Route, directly into the mouth. 25 ml/day. Repeat every 24 hours if neces-sary.


Combination of Medium Chain Tryglicerids: butyric acid, caprylic acid, capric acid and lauric acid 300 mg; Glycerol 200 mg , Carnitine 25mg, Vitamin B6 10 mg

Excipient qsf 1 ml.

Energy supply: 11000 Kcal/kg.


1 and 5 lts.