Product Description

Peptides & Aminoacids. Oral Solution.

Features and Benefits

The main objective to supplement with Equilibrium is to reduce mortality rate.

In broilers, extensive trials were performed, showing a consistent dropping in mortality rate. It is possible to achieve between 0,69 to 1,09 % mortality once Equilibrium is used between day 10 to day 20 in commercial broilers.

Equilibrium may had no effect on daily feed intake and average daily gain, so there were no significant differences among the groups as to gain : feed ratio.

Therefore the most important parameter we can assure while using Equilibrium is a reduc-tion in Mortality, which plays an important role in determining overall profitability of the production.


Equilibrium produce a rapid establishment of intestinal function in early neonates and maintenance of metabolic functions during fasting, starvation and diseases.

Stimulation and early maturation of the Gastro-intestinal and Immune system in young animals.
Increase egg production and eggshell strength.

Reduces costly ingredients in starter feeds. Does not require withdrawal time.


L-Aspartic 4,6mg, L-Glutamic 7,8 mg, L-Serine 3,4 mg, L-Histidine 1 mg, L-Glicine 3 mg, L-Treonine 2,6 mg, , L-Alanine 3,2 mg, L-Arginine 2,6 mg, L-Tirosine 1,6 mg, ,L-Cysteine 0,8 mg L-Valine 3,6 mg ,L-Methionine 1 mg, L-Phenylalanine 2,4 mg, L-Isoleucine 2,4 mg, L-Leucine 4 mg, L-Lysine 3,8 mg, L-Proline 2,6 mg,Copper glicinate 5 mg, Zinc Glicinate 7 mg, Calcium 25 mg.

Content of low chain peptides: 55 % . Content of free aminoacids 45 %.

Content of Formic, Propionic and Phosphoric acids : 12 %. Excipients q.s.f 1 ml .

Mode of action

GUT MORPHOLOGY: Equilibrium contains Glutamine, Aspartate, and Thy-rosine, responsible for tissue regeneration, mucosa structure mainte-nance, mucin synthesis and the maintenance of a barrier against bacteria attacks

GUT ACID ENVIRONMENT: The acidifiers in Equilibrum will not only im-prove aminoacids digestibility, but also contributes to lower the gastro-intestinal pH and also acts as antibacterial due to the dissociated form.

GUT IMMUNITY BOOSTER: the amino acids, nucleotides and minerals in Equilibrium have a positive effect in the generation of immune cells, es-pecially in the development of T -lymphocytes and macrophages .

Thus, a beneficial effect from EQUILIBRIUM may be observed in intestinal performance and development in high stress situations or in challenges to the immune system, resulting on a lower mortality rate.



General application rate is 1 to 2,5 litres of EQUILIB-RIUM per 1000 litres of drinking water.

Use it at least during 5 consecutive days and evaluate results

Guarantee Quality

  • Non – Porcine containing product.
  • Stable up to 36 months.
  • Amino acid profiles will NEVER vary in EQUI-LIBRIUM, being a standard product all time. Not the same happens with fish origin prod-ucts, which peptide and AA profile depends on the species, age and season.