Product Description

Antithermic, Analgesic and Anti-inflmmatory. Oral liquid for drinking water.

Inhibits the COX-2(cyclooxygenase -2 enzyme), decreases the production of cytokines, interleukin -6 and fibrinogen, responsible for inflammation , pain and fever.


Animals affected by infectious diseases with inflammation, hyperthermia , pain and loss of appetite.

Post vaccine reactions. Heat stress


Combination of Phytochemicals substances, Minerals and Aminoacids.

1 ml contains: Iridoids terpens 250 mg(combination of Harpagophytum extract and Salix cortix); Glicerol 200 mg ; Lysine 28 mg; Magnesium 25 mg; Salycin 15 mg; Glutamine 3 mg; Glycine 2 mg; Histidine 1.8 mg ; Cysteine 1.5 mg.


Oral route in drinking water.

2-4 ml/ liter of drinking water, 3-5 consecutive days. Dosage will depends on the condition of the animals, room temperature and production level expected.


1 and 5 lts container.