Product Description

VITAMIN E LIQUID is an association of Vitamin E and Selenium in liquid form


As a supplement during the last period of gestation and in newborn animals with Vitamin E or Selenium deficiency. This combination seems essential to improve cases of muscular dystrophy where Vitamin E and Selenium are needed for the normal metabolism of proteins and energy.

Infertility in parent stock, specially the last term of laying.

Improvement of weight gain and general health conditions.


Target species

Poultry, cattle sheep, goats .


ORAL ROUTE IN DRINKING WATER. 1-2 ml / liter of drinking water.
In case of deficiency a daily single dosage will be administeredduring 2 – 5 consecutive
days .


Vitamin E ( a tocopherol acetate) 150 mg, Sodium Selenite 1,67 mg,
excipient q.s. 1 ml.


100 ml, 1 and 5 litres.