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Combination of Phosphoric Acid, Propionic Acid , Calcium Formate , Ammonium Propionate and mineral excipient.

Indications and Mode of Action

The purpose Acix is to acidify the intestinal tract. Acids with an anti-fungal activity provide an efficient way to ensure the quality of stored cereals, other feed raw materials and compound feed.

Acix is a free-flowing powder to be mixed in the animal feed or raw materials. It is a highly effective acidifier, consisting of organic and inorganic protected acids.

The combination of the protected acid mix is specially designed for a slow release of acids allowing an even distribution in the G.I tract.

The synergetic mixture of organic acids inhibits the growth of contaminants in feed. Salts of propionic acid will prevent the growth of mould and the effects of mycotoxins. Salts of formic acid will control yeasts and bacteria.

How to use acix

ACiX is used at a range of 1-3 kg / ton feed. Compatible with all ingredients of animal feed


25 Kg bag.

Compatible with all ingredients of animal feed.

The active ingredients of ACIX are approved in the E.U as animal feed additives (listed in the UE directives 70/524 for additives) and are biodegradable.

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