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Multifunctional Liquid Acidifier

Antibacterial and Growth promoter

Aquamaster is a combination of organic acids for the acidification and hygiene of drinking water, surfaces and devices used in farming production.

Biocide action

Reduces pH value, controlling the number of intestinal pathogenic bacteria (Clostridium, Salmonella, Colis, etc) and promoting the beneficial bacteria ( Lactobacillus).

Physiological action

  • By lowering the pH in the gastrointestinal tract environment, promotes gastric acid secretion and enhances the enzymatic activity of protease, lipase and amylase.
  • Improves production parameters such as Average Daily Gain and Feed and Conversion Rate.
  • Produces dryer manure and litter and less insects.

Cleaning action

Aquamaster is a water sanitizer, reducing its pH and disolving hardness in water pipes, drinkers, coolers.


Formic acid, Lignosulphonates,  Lactic acid, Propinic acid, Wetting agents and stabilizers on a liquid carrier . Total Acid content (min): 500.0 mg/ml

Inclusion rate


AquaMaster inclusion rate to reach the best efficiency is mainly a function of hardness and pH of the available water. For low pH and low hardness, apply 0,5 ml/ litre of drinking water. For high pH and high hardness, apply up to 2 ml/litre of drinking water.

Drinking systems, cooling panels, other materials: in order to remove  completely the bio-film and tartar, prepare a 3% Aquamaster solution.

Apply directly by high pressure spray . In water pipes, leave solution inside pipes during 4 hours and then flush through all the nozzles where bio-film sludge could have accumulate.

Product handling and safety

AQUAMASTER is safe to use. Thanks to the protective matrix and special manufacturing process. Is non corrosive and ensure safe and easy handling in an industrial production environment.


Containers of 5, 25, 200 and 1000 lts.


36 month after manufacturing.

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