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Drop Off Premium

Wide spectrum mycotoxin eliminator


Drop Off is a synergistic blend of yeast cell walls and selected minerals such as clinoptillite, montmorillonite and aluminum silicate that inactivates mycotoxins in feed.

Yeast cell walls provides mannaoligosacharides(MOS) and  β(1,3) -D-Glucans


Reduces the risk of mycotoxin poisoning. Maintains intestinal health.

Improves productive parameters, such as daily weight gain and feed conversion

Improves digestion, by reducing the speed of gastrointestinal transit, eliminating the malabsorption syndrome.

It reduces the incidence of loose stools, improving the maintenance of the litter, reducing the concentration of flies and the proliferation of insects.

After oral administration, β (1,3) -D-Glucans stimulate immune cell receptors in the intestinal mucosa, causing an activation of the immune system in general, T lymphocytes and phagocytic macrophages. On the other hand, MOS agglutinate pathogenic bacteria that cause intestinal infections (E. Coli, Salmonella spp).

The combination of minerals and β (1,3) -D-Glucans effectively adsorb the majority of mycotoxins present in food and that affect animal health.

Recommended dosage:

Oral. To mix in food at a rate of 0.5-2kg Kg / Tm. food, depending on the levels of humidity and contamination of the raw materials.


25 Kg bag.

Compatible with all ingredients of animal feed.

The active ingredients of DROP OFF PREMUM  are approved in the E.U as animal feed additives ( listed in the UE directives 70/524 for additives) and are biodegradable.

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