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Drop Off

Mycotoxin eliminator


Drop Off is a synergistic blend of select minerals such as clinoptilolite, montmorillonite and aluminum silicate that inactivates mycotoxins in feed.

Analytic composition

  • SiO2………… 32 – 48 %
  • Al2O3……… 3,5 – 5,5 %
  • Fe2O3………1,2 – 1,8 %
  • MgO………… 8,8 – 13,5%
  • Na2O……….. 0,12 – 0,18%
  • K2O………….. 0,6 – 0,9%
  • TiO2…………. 0,12 – 0,18%
  • MnO………… 0,008 – 0,012%
  • P2O5……….. 0,034 – 0,046%


DROP OFF is indicated to reduce liquid feces or ¨wet droppings¨ in birds and pigs. To counteract the effects of food suspected of containing contaminants that produce gastrointestinal disturbances.

For use in the food of BIRDS, PIGS, HORSES and RABBITS.

It deactivates mycotoxins, especially aflatoxins, ochratoxin and fumonisins. Prevent poisoning, liver damage and immune suppression.

It improves the digestibility of food, by reducing the rapid transit of food in the gastrointestinal tract, thus eliminating the bad-absorption syndrome.

  • Reduces the incidence and development of wet excrement and bed wetting.
  • It improves the productive parameters, such as the increase of a daily average weight (GDP) and feed conversion (CA).
  • Reduces mortality due to mycotoxin poisoning.
  • Reduces the production of ammonium gas and moisture from the litter.
  • Improves the condition of the bed, reduces the proliferation of insects and flies

Recommended dosage:

ORAL, mixed in feed.

Prevention: 0.5 -1 kg of DROP OFF / metric ton of food.

Treatment and growth promoter: 2.5-5 kg DROP OFF / MT of food, depending on the degree of food contamination / stool status. The dosage shall be calculated in such a way that a single daily dose is administered throughout the production cycle. The product will be administered throughout the production cycle.


25 Kg bag.

Compatible with all ingredients of animal feed.

The active ingredients of DROP OFF are approved in the E.U as animal feed additives (listed in the UE directives 70/524 for additives) and are biodegradable.


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