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Electro C

Electrolytes and hydration

Electrolytes and Betaine

All chickens are susceptible to heat stress, particularly older birds.  Elevated temperatures and humidity cause reduced growth rates, egg production and hatching rates.


For treatment and control of dehydration and acidosis in poultry during heat stress, droppings, or gastrointestinal problems.

The main objective is to restore electrolytes and help the hydration of the heat stress birds. resulting in a reduction of the mortality rate.


  • Source of electrolytes during panting and stress.
  • Improvement of production parameters .
  • Stimulates water consumption during antibiotic treatments or oral vaccination.
  • Reduces weight loss during transportation.
  • Improves viability of BB chicks.
  • Reduces wet droppings in litter

Specially developed for poultry.


Sodium (Na+) 8 mg ,Potassium (K+) 50 mg ,Magnesium (Mg++) 18 mg ,Vitamin C 30 mg

Betaine 50 mg and Eucalyptol.  Excipients qsf 1 ml

Light red color liquid.

With no dextrose or sugars to avoid biofilm and water pipe damage.

Recommended dosage

ORAL route in drinking water.

The administration in the drinking water allows a quick response on a heat stress situation , since birds continue to drink but reduces feed intake.

1 Liter of ELECTRO ‐C every 500 Lts of water. Administer during 2‐ 5 days.

Do not form precipitates in water tank or pipes.  It is recommended to shake well before use.


1, 5 ,25 and 220 liters

Electro C  is a product registered in the European Union, and manufactured by TAV Veterinaria SL in Barcelona, ​​Spain. MSDS available. Authorized Manufacturer Registration No.: ESP 08101379

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