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Liver protection

Liver protector

Association of metabolic substances which optimize liver function under stressful conditions.


METIOSITOL is indicated to boost the fatty acids metabolism, stimulates the digestive function; hepatic protection; decreases pH in the large intestine by acidification, reduces the ammonium production.

Detoxify liver under mycotoxins presence.


Sorbitol, DL Carnitine, Methionine, Choline chloride, Magnesium Sulfate, Artichoke extract

With no dextrose or sugars to avoid biofilm and water pipe damage.

Recommended dosage

ORAL route in drinking water. Poultry, Cattle, and swine.

DOSAGE: ORAL ROUTE IN DRINKING WATER. 0,5-1 ml METIOSITOL/ L of drinking water, in a

single dosage during 5 to 7 consecutive days.

It is recommended to shake well before use.


1, 5 ,25 and 220 liters

Metiositol  is a product registered in the European Union, and manufactured by TAV Veterinaria SL in Barcelona, ​​Spain. MSDS available. Authorized Manufacturer Registration No.: ESP 08101379

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