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Mineral block

Mineral block

MINER MAX is a mineral block that supplies necessary minerals to keep balance of liquids in the body and help digestion of feed.

The proper supply of Minerals is necessary for all productive processes in order to meet the needs of the animal and production requirements.


Consumption of fresh spring grasses, diets of forage poor on some elements (zinc in corn silage), or soil poor in some minerals (selenium) may cause deficiency of salts and minerals affecting the animal´s condition and production.


Calcium (Ca) Magnesium Zinc (Zn), Sodium (Na), Manganese (Mn), Iron (Fe), Iodine (I), Cobalt (Co), Selenium (Se).

Recommended dosage

Cattle. ORAL, ad libitum.

It is recommended to place one block of MINERMAX every 5-10 animals, close to a source of water.

Average consumption id 40-80 g/day.

It is recommended to place blocks on a support to avoid contact with soil.


10 kg- 120 units /palet

Minermax  is a product registered in the European Union, and manufactured by TAV Veterinaria SL in Barcelona, ​​Spain. MSDS available. Authorized Manufacturer Registration No.: ESP 08101379

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